Sunday, November 18, 2012

Catch Up 2!

And two weeks after my brother, came my sisters wedding. 
 Bride and Groom
 My momma and Bride
 Bride and her friends

 Goofy pic with the Fav. Uncle!

***************My Family at my sisters wedding************

 Coke factory in Vegas- the "around the world" tastes were disgusting!

 First Anniversary trip horseback riding!

 Bear Lake shakes!

 Cake top!
***************First Anniversary 2012***************

 Sugarland Concert- Sopping Wet- Die hard fans!

***************Sugarland Concert***************

Catch Up!

Here is an update on our lives over the past... shall we say 6 months?

  ***************Tulips at Temple Square***************


***************Company Leadership Conference at Couer d'Alene. We even went golfing at the world famous course with the floating green-Jared couldn't have been happier!***************


***************Strawberry Days Rodeo with my big brother Jason!***************

 The ever-so supportive G&GG
 Waiting and waiting...
 My Brother Spence and his Bride
 Father and Son love?

 He was my height at age 11.. not so much anymore at 17.

 Bored with umbrellas
 sisters and sister in law
 More waiting...

 Exhaustion set in

*************** My little brother's wedding***************

 Our resort

 Conch fritters... yes the big huge shell!

 Traditional dancers

 The starfish Jared dove for

 The Awesome Atlantis Resort


***************Bahamas Trip 2012***************